Monday, May 14, 2012

Short Homestand will Hopefully Light a Spark for the Halos!

Tonight, the Angels start a quick 4 game home stand with two games against the Oakland A's and two games against the Chicago White Sox.  They come home limping after a crucial series loss to Texas, Albert Pujols not gaining any head way out of his slump and with the announcement just a few minutes ago that Torii Hunter has been placed on the restricted list for personal reasons.  It's desperate times folks.  They need to be inspired.  They need a fire lit under their butts.  They need to find passion.  I'm hopeful this quick 4 home stand in Anaheim gives them the boost they need to break out of this slump.  What else can an Angels fan hope for?

It's very clear why the Angels aren't winning - they have simply lost all concentration and they are not mentally in the game.  I'm hoping the local fans give them a boost of confidence tonight.  I hope there are few boos.  Our boys need to know the fans are behind them for better or worse.  We know what they are capable of doing this season, and we fully expect things to turn around.

My son asked me last night if Pujol's career was over.  I laughed and told him that with his career numbers so far, it was crazy to entertain such a thought.  Impossible!  But still, we worry.  Because we are baseball fans, and baseball fans worry.  Things can only go up and improve from here for Albert.  You have to believe it will.

Let's go Halos!  I'll be watching - will you?

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