Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pujols Needs a Vacation!

I was just talking to a co-worker (who happens to be a fan of the Evil Empire and loves to rub it in when my Angels lose) and he casually asked me when Albert Pujols was going to hit that first home run.  "He already has!"  I snipped.  "Last night?" Yankee fan replied.  "No, it was a while ago, but it feels like forever ago."  I said.  The Yankee fan just chuckled in agreement.

It's almost painful to watch Pujols at bat these days.  I'm no expert at batting, but I know enough from watching Little League games to know when a batter is trying his hardest to pull the ball.  And Pujols looks almost desperate at the plate.  That same advice you give your son in Little League applies even now; "Relax", "Have Fun", "Stop trying to make every pitch a home run!"

I saw this on Facebook today on the MLB Memes page.  Sadly, there is truth in this!

While I know the season is young and there is still a lot of baseball ahead, the Angels lack of urgency worries me.  Compared to the 2002 World Series Champions, the demeanor the 2012 Angels is almost the same; casual, no worries, no sense of urgency.  The difference?  The 2002 Angels were relaxed and honestly had no idea they'd win it all that year.  The 2012 Angels are defending not only their pay roll, and Albert's signing, but the image now that they are a winning team.  Every successful person will tell you that winning is partly luck, but staying on top takes determination, focus, and drive.  Something the 2012 Angels desperately need to find in themselves... soon.

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