Monday, June 4, 2007

A busy baseball weekend!

We had another busy weekend, but our last for a while with Little League. Saturday was Jack's last game, and they did just beautifully. So many of the players have improved, it was wonderful to watch them progress this season. Here is the team with DH in the middle, as he was the coach.

After the game, we had a wonderful team party where the parents went through four gallons of margaritas! WOW! The family that hosted the party had a beautiful home in the hills. They obviously do well financially, as the margaritas were made with Patron! The Dad said he made them that way so as to help our hangovers the next day! (Thankfully!)

On Sunday, our Angels hosted "Little League Day" and all the Leagues in our District got to parade on the field before the game! I honestly don't think these kids know how lucky they are! Here is DH and his assistant coach with the teammates that made the game (Jack being a ham of course!)

If you can believe it, Jenelle has never actually owned her own "Angels" outfit in red. Of course, as a baby we had a lot of red for her to wear, but never anything official with an Angels logo. And now, pretty much everything she owns is pink or purple, so Friday evening I purchased this adorable cheerleader outfit and she seemed pretty smitten with herself! Jenelle and I snuck into Diamond Club (VIP Season Ticket area) with Grandma to snap photos of the parade before the game. When Jenelle was dressed and ready to go, Jack saw her and said, "Mommy, Jenelle is very cute today!"

After the pre-game parade, we moved down to our seats near the foul pole which were fortunately in the front row of the Terrace Level (in the shade!) It was perfect, and the ushers were very helpful with Jenelle's wheelchair and such. Unfortunately I had to hold Jenelle on my lap like this the entire game! As you know, she is quite giggly wiggly, so my arms felt like they were going to fall off last night! Here we are in our seats with me trying to hold her still for a photo.

A little later in the game when she calmed down, I was able to sit Jenelle in the seat where she held herself up for a good 10 minutes (and gave me a great break for my sore arms!) She is really looking like such a big girl too! A cute little 2 year old sitting behind Jenelle kept grabbing her curl and pulling it down to make it bounce up! It didn't bother her a bit!

Jack and Daddy enjoyed the game, especially Vladimir's walk off home run to win the game! Jack actually got cold in our seats in the shade, so he and DH went down to sit in the sun to warm up. After the game, we went to Grandma's to swim and I got to nap in the sun!

So now our Little League season is over. Jack has a new trophy for his room and we can all rest a bit more until next season! Good news is that it looks like Challenger League is going to happen next year, and I spoke to Rex Hudler (former Angels player, now TV announcer) on Saturday and he was very positive and excited about the new division. I'm sure next season will be here before we know it!


Danielle said...

I read through this post twice because the pictures are so great I kept getting distracted! LOL. You look so pretty in that second pic of you with Jenelle. And yes, I don't know that anyone can truly appreciate how wiggly and strong she is until they try to hold her. I was SO suprised! What Jack said about Jenelle looking 'cute' made me a little teary eyed. She does look cute! What a fun thing for your whole family to enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

Kami said...

Love those curls!

Army of Mom said...

You really do look lovely in that picture. I love Jenelle's curls.

Great pics. That looks like so much fun. We keep trying to wrap up our season and we keep getting rained out!!! It has never been so wet here in a spring that I can remember! We had a Little League moment tonight! I posted ball pics, too. You have such a cute family!

I'm glad you had a great time.

And, I remember Rex Hudler. That is cool that you spoke with him!

Lil Kim said...

What a great looking family!
Where are those curls from, could she possibly be ANY cuter? I mean seriously....

aka_Meritt said...

Your photos from that day are AWESOME. Great shots. I really love the one where you are squatting on the ground holding Jenelle. It's a framer for the fireplace mantel! :)