Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yankees & Democrats - Another DH Dinger!

Let me preface this by saying... my DH is a staunch, conservative Republican.

DH: "Rudy Giuliani is Republican?"

Me: "Yes dear, he is!"

DH: "Really? I guess I just thought he was a Democrat because he was a Yankees fan!"

Me: "What? Republicans can't be Yankee fans too?"

DH: "No. I guess I just really don't like him because he is a Yankees fan, so I just automatically assumed he was a Democrat as well!"


Timestep said...

If I am a Democrat and hate the Yankees, is your DH allowed to like me? Which one trumps?

Kelly said...

Yankee fans are definitely lowest on the list! LOL And Brett loves you, you know that!

Anonymous said...

I can see the logic there.

Fantastagirl said...