Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No Yankees in this House!

Jack is already looking forward to next season:

Jack: "Mommy, what team will I play for next year. I've already been an Angel and a Cardinal!"

Me: "I don't know Jack, we won't know until next season!"

Jack: "Maybe I'll be a Dodger! Would you cheer for me if I was a Dodger?"

Me: "Of course Jack! We'll cheer for you no matter what team you are on.

Jack: "Mommy, would you cheer for me even if I was a Yankee?"

[long pause]

Me: "Well Jack... I don't know if I could cheer for you if you become a Yankee. I think we'd have to make you move out of the house if you were a Yankee."

Jack: [blank stare - blinking eyes]

Me: "Seriously Jack, you know we don't like the Yankees!"

Jack: [continues to be serious] "You're right Mom. I understand!"

[then we both laugh hysterically]

Me: "Jack, don't worry, you won't be a Yankee because Daddy is your coach and he picks your team. Also there is another coach who loves the Yankees, so the League lets his team be the Yankees, so I'm positive you'll never be a Yankee in Little League!"

Jack: "Oh good - that's a relief!"


Lil Kim said...

That is so cute!

kimmyk said...

That's so funny!
I would have loved to see his face after telling him he wasn't going to work out and he'd have to go.

I'm just starting to like baseball thanks to my 15 year old. I'm planning a secret getaway with the boy sshh don't tell him. He's a Reds fan so we'll see what I can come up with. I'm excited.

Danielle said...

Oh this is great! It should be submitted to a magazine or something. I love it!

Kami said...

You guys are a MESS.

KC said...

LOL that is just way to funny.

Gators_Rule said...
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Gators_Rule said...

What if Jack were a Met?

Army of Mom said...

That is a relief!!!

My son is a Twins fan and told me when he grew up that he wanted to play for the Twins. I told him that they don't pay much, so he asked me if he would get paid more for being a Yankee. I told him, probably ... so, he said he'd play for the Yankees. Just goes to show that money goes further than loyalty!!!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has issues with the Yankees (well, actually more with ESPN and the # of times they show them playing the Red Sox). :)