Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Kids are ready for Little League!

And maybe this time next year, Jenelle will run to 1st base! Finally, this is all I could catch on video of Jenelle taking steps. She was hanging a bit onto the couch. I caught this right before bedtime, so I guess she was a little tired. She's so shy, and yet, such a ham!


TBG said...

way to go Janelle! You never know she just might be running next year at this time.

Kim said...

I saw this on Janelle's site. I am just over the moon! I can't believe how awesome she looks.
Way to Go Janelle!!!

Fantastagirl said...

Whooo Hoo! That is awesome! Celebrate with lots of hugs. Way to go Janelle!

Kami said...

Check HER OUT!