Wednesday, December 19, 2007

JT's acts of heroism!

As you may have figured out, I am a former J.T. Snow fan. I had a huge crush on him when he played for the Angels, and then he was traded. Thus, I am forever "Missing J.T. Snow." One of his greatest moments was during the 2002 World Series when he saved 4 year old Darren Baker who almost got in the way of a huge play at home base.

Well, apparently... he can make fun of himself as well. I was farting around on You Tube and had to share this clip - Enjoy!


Scarlett Wanna Be said...

For the longest time, I couldn't get to your site because on sitemeter, it looks like your address is missing "it" snow. I finally figured out it was "J.T"...then I got the baseball thing...sheesh!

Tonie Auer said...

I love JT Snow and didn't know that story about him!!!

by the way, I started commenting with my regular name and didn't want to do it over again ... but, you know who this is, right? If not, leave a comment and I'll email you. :)

Bogart in P Towne said...

JT was/is a class act and that video is great! Thanks for sharing...

-B in P-Towne

PS, it is home plate, not home base... :-)