Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm ready! Bring on the RED SOX!

Playoffs Check List:

X - Watch Angels Playoff Rally
X - Paint toe nails red
X - Have "playoff" sex
X - Watch "Red Dawn Rising" (DVD of Angels 2002 season)
X - Find and wear lucky red underwear
X - Wear red shirt to work
X - Think good thoughts about John Lackey (Today's starting pitcher!)
X - Get the Rally Monkeys in position to see TV

Yep, I'm ready! ;) GO ANGELS!


Questions for all of you - please feel free to answer in the comments:

1. Do you use a blog reader program to check in on your favorite blogs? If so, which reader?

2. How many blogs do you regularly track?

3. Which "RSS" feed works best for you?


Timestep said...

so, how often do you have to have "playoff sex"?

Does this need be done the night before the game? during the game?

Sorry, I've only heard of "rain delay sex."

Fantastagirl said...

I don't use readers, I should, but I don't.

Het said...

Poor Jenelle... HUGS and although I can't wish you good luck against one of my fave teams - I will say that the Angels would be one team I'd be ok to lose to. :)

As for my blog reading - I tend to just go down my blog roll to read - but I do have all my blogs listed and occasionally use google reader. I usually forget though!