Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Old demons now gone - This is our year!

Yes, this is where my blog becomes a "baseball" blog. Believe it or not, I really feel good about the Angels chances for a World Series win this year. It feels right, the team is working together, and it is time. In addition, I've noticed that two demons that haunted my dreams are now gone. The first being the bad karma from the 2005 White Sox and the lying umpire Doug Eddings.

Remember this?

And this?

And what should have been this?

In 2005 the Angels got hosed because an umpire, Doug Eddings, changed his call from calling the batter out, to giving him first base because of a alleged dropped 3rd strike. The White Sox catcher knew what he was doing, and the umpire fell for the bait. And the catalyst of that moment spoke to the baseball Gods, and the White Sox cheated their way to the World Series Win. It wasn't our year.

I am confident this demon is now gone - first reason being the White Sox haven't made it to the playoffs since that 2005 World Series win. Second reason, that same lying umpire was 3rd base umpire on Sunday, when the Angels clenched the Division title and the playoffs. Third, on Sunday, my Jack was wearing a White Sox baseball cap given to him by my in-laws. As we picked him up from baseball academy before leaving for the game, I noticed he was wearing this hat. I said to Jack, "Dude, what are you doing wearing that cap? Are you trying to jinx the Angels again?" To which my son replied, "No Mom, that jinx is done - the Angels will win today!" And he was right.

The second demon that is now gone is Jenelle's seizures. Well, yes she still has seizures, but as you know she is progressing, and we do now have (some) control over her seizures. Jenelle was born on the day of Game 3 of the 2002 World Series that the Angels eventually won. She was early, and at first we knew of no issues. I held her in my arms with tears down my face as we celebrated the World Series win 6 days after her birth. The superstitious side of me sometimes wonders if as loyal Angels fan, we had to sacrifice all the hell we went through with Jenelle in the 5 years that followed that World Series win in order to get that win (did that make any sense?) Like, "Let my team win and I'll endure anything you bring on, even at the risk of my healthy new baby!" We were told Jenelle might not live past age 5 - she will be 5 years old in less than a month, and a day before this World Series begins. Having finally passed this milestone with Jenelle, I am confident that demon has been sent away as well. And what better birthday gift for our girl than another World Series win?

Jenelle age 6 months at her first Angels game!

It could... and will... happen!



kimmyk said...

This has that whole Angels in the Outfield vibe.

Man what a gorgeous baby girl. Don'tcha wish they stayed that small?

CrazyRN said...

I can hardly believe that she will be 5 soon! I still remember the post announcing her birth! I'm so glad she's proving those people wrong who said she might not live past 5. She is clearly thriving and I'm confident she will continue to amaze us all!

I'm may not be a huge baseball fan, but I'm a huge Jenelle fan!!

I love that picture of her!

aka_Meritt said...

I sure am glad you put a baby photo in there for me to comment on in the middle of all that baseball talk! LOL.

I remember this photo - I think I commented how she looks like a perfect little doll. :)

The Kept Woman said...

I forgot what you said in that post...the baseball stuff was like "Waaah wah wahh wah" (like the Peanuts teacher) but that baby...Oh. My God. was she ever a gorgeous baby.

Special Needs Mama said...

I'm rooting for ya!