Friday, February 9, 2007

Mean Coach Daddy!

So, practice for Little League started this week. DH is coaching Jack's team, which will be the Cardinals this year (we couldn't get the Angels, and at least the Cardinals wear red, not to mention they are the current World Champions!) This year, instead of t-ball, it is coach pitch, and DH is already seeing a difference in the kids and parents; they are much more committed this year than last.

So, yesterday was their second practice and DH said it ran smoothly. We are talking 6 to 8 year olds, so he did have a small problem with the kids talking and not paying attention. Finally, after trying to get their attention, DH made the boys run a lap.

After the first lap Coach DH said, "So, are we going to listen, or are we going to run?"

The kids screamed, "Let's run!" and proceeded to run another lap.

After their second lap, Coach DH said, "So, are we ready to listen, or are we going to run again?"

The kids screamed, "Run again!" to which they then ran a third lap.

Finally, after the third lap, Coach DH got the response he was looking for. "Are we ready to listen, or do you need to run again!"

Kids: "We'll listen!"

Mean coach Daddy!


Timestep said...

Hummmm, me thinks the kids needed to burn some energy!

Good idea to run laps.

(looks at the feet of snow and wonders why baseball starts at your home.)

Fantastagirl said...

I think the Coach has a good idea. Wonder what the other parents thought. If they aren't going to listen - then they can run.

Bluepaintred said...

hey if they didn't want to listen then, they are sure to listen now,

my marriage meme is up :o)

TBG said...

Damn he is tough!

kids are so cute in sports at that age!

Lisa said...

LOL! I have to have my Hubby read this, he'll probably be going through it when our little guy starts t-ball in April.