Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Way Back Wednesday - "Did someone want some "Fug"?"

Once again, its ... And it's "BAD FASHION WEEK!" Mama Duck TKW has requested photos of "Fug" and if you don't know what she means by that - check this out!

So, let's get started. Did I mention I was a once teenage model? Oh, so you say I forgot to mention that one? Well, really, when you grow up in a cow town in Central California hours away from LA, your modeling career will certainly go no where fast! However, I was quite tall at a very young age (5' 8 1/2" at age 14) and was once an accomplished "ramp model" - I promise these photos - circa 1987 - will not disappoint.

"Oh my God - where are your sunglasses?"

If the shine coming off this silver prom dress doesn't blind you, nothing will. I'm obviously having so much fun, I'm oblivious to the fact that I've just blinded the entire audience when I did that extra turn at the end of the ramp!

"Top Gun meets the old west!"

Seriously, this was quite the outfit in a town of mostly cows. You can see I'm not sure if I want to pretend to be drawing a pistol, or if I'm swinging my tassels. Either way, I'm so thankful the "acid washed" look of denim is long gone!

"Are you fuggin serious?"

You gotta love my facial expression in this one. I'm looking at the camera as if to say, "Who would seriously wear this to prom?" This was the closest I came to getting "big hair", and my bangs were "big" too. Nice posture, even for an "accomplished" model like myself - oh well! I hadn't grown my boobs yet, which unfortunately didn't arrive until my later college years. The color is about the only thing I like in this photo. I'm a sucker for blue!

And that is all I could "dig up!" Remember, I was getting paid $20 to wear this stuff, and actually pretend it was cool! I think they wanted me to keep the denim outfit - but I passed.

Did you play? Make sure to let me know!


TBG said...

Wow two shiny dresses my goodness.

I played this week too.

Jana said...

Wow, you beat me!

I played too!

Rhonda said...

That first dress looks like it is made from aluminum foil. The denim is priceless!

Carrie said...

I had a blue lame formal dress too! The shinier the better right? Love the silver one!!!!

I played too. :)

Tammy said...

Wow that first dress is loud! Am I weird that I like the blue one, though? I too am a sucker for blue.

I played too.

Jennifer said...

wow! the first dress is like a blast to solid gold past!!!

-xtessa- said...

at least you were getting paid!;) i think i used the same shiny blue material on the last photo for my graduation night dress!

Mama Duck said...

Wow. That first dress is

Admittedly most of us are probably very jealous of your modeling days!!! I know I was just certain I was the next big thing on the modeling horizon (but for my 5'5" frame...dammit).

Michelle said...

I think my best friend did wear that blue dress to prom!

FunkyB said...

Wow... they MODELED this stuff? The most frightening thing (and this is, so far, my favorite WBW post today) is that these were the pinnacle of fashion for our times.