Monday, September 5, 2005

September Ball

Well, here it is, September 5. I keep thinking to myself that I really need to start paying attention to my team, the Anaheim Angels. Back in June I was boasting that we were headed to another World Series. Now, I'm just hoping they don't break my heart again. But, here it is, September, and I'm not ready for it yet.

I think back to 2002; that magical year. I remember the "love" I had for the Angels. The atmosphere at the Big A was a "love fest". We loved our team, and they loved us. It was amazing, and surreal, and I was absolutely certain "this was our year." And I was right. I still weep when I see videos of the games, and all the emotions I had in myself that magical September and October. I wonder if being 8 months pregnant had anything to do with it?

Baseball fans are superstitious. I apply the same thinking to our daughter's seizures. Just like a "no hitter", when she has a few weeks without seizures, I don't say anything - afraid of breaking up a good thing. But yet, I always feel that I need to really start getting serious about my Angels in September. After all, it is the last month of play. Usually in the AL West, it comes down to the last few games. I just don't feel it yet, and it has me worried. And the superstitious side of me says I should not have typed that last sentence!

I hope the Angels can do it again for Vladimir Guerrero, the MVP from last year. I hope they can win again to prove it wasn't a fluke, and they are a great baseball team. I hope they go to another World Series so I can enjoy it this time instead of trekking to games against doctor's orders hoping I don't embarrass myself by having to be taken out by ambulance to the nearest hospital to deliver our baby.

Yes, its September. Along with putting away my white shoes, I need to start getting serious about baseball. As an after thought to typing this, I asked my husband why we weren't watching the Angels game. "Because they don't play today" was his answer. OK, I guess I not only need to get serious about rooting for my Angels... Looking at the schedule would help as well!

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