Sunday, June 1, 2008

Challenger Championship!

"Look at me... I can be ... Centerfield!"

Three Generations of Currans on Curran Field!

Play Ball!

Grandpa's proud moment honoring Jenelle on Curran Field!


Danielle said...

Now THAT is cool. I am so glad you all got to experience this and that all of those thoughts and ideas you had long ago have come to fruition! And hey, is there purple in that medal? Cool!

The Kept Woman said...

Cool indeed!

Alright, am I missing something with the naming of the field? Is your family all famous in CA or what?

P.S. There's a meteorologist here in Madison named Kelly Curran...check her out here:

Isn't that crazy!!?!?!

Kami said...


Fantastagirl said...

That is awesome!

Meritt said...

OK... apparently I am the only one that glanced at the title quickly and thought it said;

"Look at Me... I Can Be... A Centerfold!"

Bogart in P Towne said...

That is so cool. Congrats to a proud grandfather and parents!