Monday, March 5, 2007

Play Ball!

So, Saturday was opening day for Little League. This year DH is coaching the Cardinals - apparently we couldn't have the same team (Angels) two years in a row! We had to get up at 6:00 a.m. to get the family ready and walk to the Little League field (parking is a hassle on opening day and we're approximately 4 or 5 blocks away.) For once, our weather cooperated and it was actually a pleasant 78 degrees with a little wind on Saturday.

Here is Jack and Grandpa. Notice Jack has a face tatoo? Grandpa brought it to him from the 60th Little League World Series in Williamsport last year. In all honestly, I put it on Jack's face in case there was a newspaper photographer there... I thought it might increase his chances of getting in the paper! (Bad Mommy!) The logo is the same as Grandpa's hat... which is why they are pointing to each other.

Here are the PW Major Cardinals running out of the gate! This year Jack is in "coach pitch" which brought about an interesting conversation with my Father in Law. "So, how is Jack adjusting to the cup?" ... "What cup?" I asked. "The athletic supporter? All Little Leaguers must wear them now!" he said. "Huh? Um, that's DH's department!"

My Father in Law is the District Administrator. Our League has a rule where they don't need them until age 7. He said it changed and they have to wear a cup from t-ball up. Once again... DH's territory!

Here is the team - Jack is the third boy in red from the left. DH is wearing the red jacket and blue shorts!

Because DH is the coach, he put our son at the most coveted position during the first inning of their first game... first base (J.T. Snow's former position!) Don't you think all Jack needs to make this photo authentic is a big ole chew in his cheek?

And here is Jack doing an excellent bug squashing! He got a hit at every at bat!

And last but not least I give you Princess Boo with Grandma! Yes, it was warm enough for her to go barefoot! Actually, Jenelle did not like the wind and cried for most of the game. No fun!

And that is all! If they had kept score, our team would have beaten the pants off the other team!


Apparently this weekend was the 50th Anniversary of the book "Cat in the Hat", so to celebrate I read it to Jack at bedtime on Sunday. I explained that the "Cat in the Hat" was 50 years old! Jack said, "50 years old - he's almost dead!" Yeah, kids are real fun arent't they!


Kami said...

Jenelle, I don't like the wind either. Ick. And it is WINDY here.

Cute pics. How do you guys feel about baseball? Just wondering.

aka_Meritt said...

LOL at Jacks comment. :)

Sadly, Cat in the Hat is one I can recite by memory...

Fantastagirl said...

Jack is a regular comedian.. .ha ha buddy!

Great pictures!