Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Lesson in Baseball Etiquette

My in-laws just left today for the 60th Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania - so I'm in a baseball mood today! And, the fight last night between the Angels and the Texas Rangers has me all fired up about simple baseball etiquette. It all started on August 6 when the pitcher for the Rangers attempted to hit one of our players, and ended up throwing the ball behind the player. He was immediately ejected from the game - in the first inning. The Angels left it alone, and won the game.

Now, my DH is a former pitcher and he is all about protecting your teammates. You hit one of our guys, we get an opportunity to hit you back. End of argument. I agree with this somewhat, but am completely against "head hunting" (when a pitcher intentionally throws at someone's head - see Roger Clemens controversy involving Mike Piazza.)

To illustrate my feelings on the subject, I offer this pictorial:

See this guy ? He is the Angels best player. Not the best target if you don't want to start something.

No. Seriously. This is your warning... Don't mess with our best player.

OK. Now you did it. We get a "hit" in return.

Ready? Here is comes!

OK. Tit for tat. This should put an end to it.

Oh no you did not!

OK Boys, let em have it!

Grown men look really silly fighting don't they? But seriously - you hit us, we get to hit you - end of story. Any questions?


Danielle said...

Nice pictorial. I like the last line. Also, thanks for the congrats. Guess I will for sure be seeing in Jan!!!

Kami said...

Boys will be boys.