Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Little League Day at the Angels Game!

Finally, some photos of our fun at the Angels Game on Sunday. Our home computer (that is close to crashing) would not work to let me upload these photo, so I had to email them to work - and then Blogger decided to start PMS-ing. I think we both need chocolate! Enjoy!

DH and Jack in the "Little League Parade" around the field.

A closer photo of DH and Jack - Mr. Hot Rod is in the background. He has the patience of a saint. He helps coach Jack's T-ball team, and doesn't even have kids of his own!

Jack, Jenelle and my nephew Trevor, who is a Dodger, enjoying the Party Suite.

Jack and his team - only two other families could make it, one of which has twins!

Here is my Father in Law, Mr. District Administrator, acting all cool on the field while waiting for the national anthem to start.

Here is the District Banner - my Brother in law is the one on the far left. DH got the hair in the family - thankfully.

Having access to the Party Suite was ideal for Jenelle. We used her wheelchair, and she hates being strapped into that thing, so I let her "roll around" on the floor of the suite. You would not believe (or maybe you would) how dirty the floor was - her white socks are pitch black now (as you can sorta see in the photo! UGH! She got her own bath as soon as we got home!

It was a great day!


Danielle said...

Is Mr. Hot Rod in the red or in the white? Jack looks like he had fun! I have had to look at the last pic of Jenelle like 3 times. She looks like she could just "stand up" at any time! Look at that trunk support!

Fun times!

Fantastagirl said...

Jenelle looks like she is having a great time - and ready to go! The pictures are great and looks like everyone had an awesome time!

TBG said...

Wow look at how great Jenelle is doing in that picture! She has come along way since I started readng! he is truly amazing!